Getting Involved

We hope that you're inspired to somehow get involved with our project. We can think of several ways that you could participate in our project.

Firstly you can simply donate resources, this means money, but if you think there's something else that you could donate (such as sporting equipment) then we are still very keen to hear from you.

Secondly if you believe that you have expertise that could help our existing programme (rugby referee), then please contact us. 

Thirdly, there maybe a sport that you think is in dire need to have qualified referees which might benefit from having a parallel project set up. If you feel that you, or your associates could provide such technical support then of course we are very keen to hear your ideas.

Finally, for those that do not live in Fiji (Bula! and welcome to our site), you might believe that a programme like this would be very suitable in the country that you live in. If you would like to run a programme like ours, then maybe we can help you with ideas, or our experience. Please get in contact to see what support we can provide.

Refereeing is a Life Skill (copyright Society in Transition)